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Soyarich Foods was established in 2012 and is a fast growing Tofu (Soya Paneer) making company with production capacity of more than 1000 Kg/Day. Soyarich Foods management team consists of young qualified professionals with solid experience in fields of Food Technology. Our mission is to establish Soyarich Foods as a world class company for healthy Soya Products. Soyarich Foods is one of the leading names actively immersed in manufacturing and distributing an exceptional class array of Tofu (Soya Paneer). For the reasons of confirming its quality, shelf life and flavor, the variety is formulated using the rich quality ingredients and modern apparatuses, in accord with the laid industry morals and procedures

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In recent years though, some of this spotlight has shifted to Tofu or Soy paneer which has started to show up on restaurant menus steadily. Paneer is fresh cheese made with cow or goat milk and used frequently in numerous Indian dishes. Tofu, on the other hand, is obtained from soybean milk.